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The island of Thassos

The island of Thassos will enchant you from the first moment you visit.

Green ... Blue ... Economic ... and very hospitable people is one of the most beautiful destinations of a small but beautiful Greece.

Those visiting the enchanting island and becomes a repeat destination for them and their children.

Traditional villages and beautiful beaches where the green of the pines meet the blue sea, ready to give you relaxation and fill you up images and memories.

Things you can see the island is ...

In Thassos (Limenas) - Theater, Acropolis, Archaeological Museum, Ancient Agora, Monks, Vriokastro - Church of the Twelve Apostles, Church of St. Nicholas 

In the Virgin - Church of the Assumption, Old elaiotrivio Sotirelli 

In Potamia - Museum Polygnotou Vagi 

In Scala Potamia - Tarsanas 

In Alyki - Ancient Sanctuary, Sunken Quarry, Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael 

Theologos - Folklore Museum of Theologos - Church of St. Demetrius 

Limenaria - Folklore Museum Limenaria, Palataki 

The Castle - Hamlet Castle, Church of St. Athanasius 

On Maries - Monastery of the Assumption, Lake Childbirth - Little Falls 

In Kallirachi - Folklore Museum Kallirachis 

The Sotiras - Fountain (year 1888) 

In Rachoni - Church of St. George

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